Bags & Purses

A tradition of expertise

With over 20 years’ experience in the luxury sector, Manifesto Factory creates bags collections that exceed clients’ expectations. Our creations are unique objects, designed using the latest materials and finest finishings. Each item has a spirit inspired by today’s most prestigious fashion, cosmetics and jewellery brands. Manifesto Factory is always a step ahead, identifying innovations that combine excellence and unparalleled quality.

Drawing on creative resources

To ensure each of our creations is original, Manifesto Factory has an in-house graphic studio at its Paris office. Our design and creation department uses the latest technologies to develop tailored luggage solutions: institutional and travel collections, seasonal and cosmetics lines, women’s and men’s bags, and more. Offering a full range of options, Manifesto Factory makes products for prestigious beauty and luxury brands.




Customised packaging for the luxury market

Manifesto Factory is a key player in the promotional objects and packaging sector and works with international brands in the beauty, luxury and fashion fields. As a subsidiary of Superga invest, it designs, creates and produces customised promotional objects. Manifesto Factory is the only company of its kind to have its own sites for filling and assembling packs. It seeks to provide quality and innovation by identifying the best sourcing options.

  • 20 years of experience
  • 3 international subsidiaries
  • 7 millions items produced per year
  • 40 prestigious clients
  • 400 collections developed and produced per year


Objects and accessories that exceed expectations

With its creative studio in Paris, factory network in China and marketing presence in the United States, Manifesto Factory has superior technical and human resources to meet each client’s needs. Focusing on quality, creativity, security and responsiveness, Manifesto Factory seeks to become a major player in the customised promotional packaging and object field, with an international presence.



Beauty for well-being

Manifesto Factory takes pride in reconciling profitability with social and environmental responsibility. This philosophy applies to all of its factories in France and China. A team of nine people works to monitor production quality and inspect factories, ensuring each product is made under optimal safety conditions. Manifesto Factory has received the ISO 9001 and SA 8000 standards, creating items of excellent quality while respecting health and environmental regulations.

Nathalie Dickeli, CEO de Manifesto Factory

"Our focus on flexibility, quick decision-making and quality production is reflected in our professional teams who interact with clients and industrial partners."

Nathalie Dickeli, CEO of Manifesto Factory

23, rue de la Paix - 75002 Paris
T. +33 (1) 42 68 36 30